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Coffee Blends

Speciality Coffee Blends- Straight coffees are blended in order to combine and accentuate the better characteristics of the beans being combined. Each of the coffees in our blends is individually roasted and delivered to us. We blend the coffees in small batches using recipes gathered, learned, and tested over the last 20 years. **Prices for these coffees vary.**

Elk Neck Blend- Our taster's choice. The aroma of Colombian Supremo and the creaminess of Brazilian Santos make this a smooth cup of coffee anytime of the day.

Hances Point Blend- Named after a water oriented area in our local community this blend combines the intense Sumatra Mandheling and the creamy Mocca java with a hint of reich French Roast Colombian. This is a great breakfast or after dinner coffee.

Sandy Cove Blend- This blen was specially developed for our local conference center. This makes a great cup of coffee- combining the aroma of Colombian Supremo, the creaminess of Brazilian Santos with a hint of rich French Roast Colombian.

Grand Pere De Provence- This delightful blend is a mixture of coffee from three continents. It is the secret recipe of the Soalhat family of Marseilles, France. It was shared with us by Jean Pierre and Helene Soalhat, the owners of the "Royal Moka" coffee shop in the Provencal city of Apt. We hope you enjoy this very old blend as much as we do.

Chesapeake Sunset Blend- Our after dinner blend has the creamy richness of Java beans with the exotic flavor of the Mocha bean and the sharpness of Italian Roast Colombian making it a great after dinner treat.

North East Blend- Our long time favorite. The aroma of Colombian Supremo, creaminess of Brazilian Santos and richness of French Roast Colombian make this the perfect morning coffee.

Decafinated North East Blend