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Straight Coffees

Straight Coffees Coffees are identified by thier country of origin. Each one is further identified by quality, area of production, shipping ports, or platations. Further distinctions are made with reference to growth habits and methods of processing. Each of our straigh coffees is identified by these factors and by characteristics of taste. Our coffees are roasted by one of our five carefully selected local roasters. **Prices vary on these coffees.**

Kenya AA This is the finest grade of Kenyan coffees from the largest high grown beans. Similar of other African coffees, its high acidity and allows it to stand alone or to blend well with coffees of lower acidity or lighter body.

French Roast Selected Colombian beans are used to produce a deep brown, almost chocolate colored coffee, that bring out great body and tangy taste.

Black Raven We are always in search of a unique blend and we believe we have found it. Just the right amount of Indian Monsoon Malabar with it's full body, low acidity, and strong nutty flavor are combined with our rrich and full body Italian roast Columbian. This unique combination has truly found a balance of rich and bold in one single cup. Mountian grown at 4,000-6,000 feet above sea level. Hand picked.

Tanzaian Peaberry A perfectly balanced body, pronounced and distinguished aroma along with bright, snappy, winy tones and rich, intense flavor.

Sumatra Mandaeling- Some consider Indonesian coffees to be the world's finest. This is a uniquely heavy bodied coffee with a bold earthy flavor. Mandheling's acidity is low and its body almost syrupy rich. This makes it an ideal brew for those who want a beverage heavy enough to carry its flavor through milk.

Colombian Supremo-All arabica beans produce this highest grade of Colombian coffee. It is very smooth with a pleasant balance and a nutty flavor.

Ethiopian Harrar- Grown on small peasant plots in the eastern part of Ethiopia at about 5- 6,000 feet. Harrar is grown on such a small scale that it is almost certianly free of chemicals ans a good choice for those who want an "organically grown" coffee. It is very full bodied with an earthy complex aroma and lingering taste.

Costa Rican Tarrazu- A full bodied coffee with robust richness. Considered to be the best of the Central American coffees.

Celebes Kalossi- Considered one of teh world's finest coffees; characterized as medium bodied, full flavored and exceptional aroma.

Brazilian Santos- Is the highest grade of coffee produced by the nation which accounts for more than one third of the world's coffee production. It is a smooth coffee with pleasant richness and low acidity. Excellent choice for blending with more assertive beans.